Roopyal Chakswari tragedy.
In the Chakswari area of ​​Mirpur, a very tragic incident took place at that time when the building work was going on. Suddenly, the marriage hall building collapsed. The cause of the building collapse is unknown However,23 people were buried under the rubble in this tragic incident. Immediately after the incident, the rescue team, district police, Pakistan Army youth, and the public arrived at the scene. However, to save the affected people.

The operation was started of this building,and it rescued twenty people alive, However, Three people died in the tragic incident at Roopyal marriage Hall. The deceased include Nadeem Chaudhry, owner of the Rupial Marriage Hall, and his son Rahim Chaudhry. It offered the funeral prayers of these persons in Chakswari Roopyal tragedy yesterday. The body of the last worker has been exhumed in this tragic incident.

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