Migraine causes and treatment

Migraine headaches that go away on their own after two days.

Migraine causes and treatment

Migraine differs from a normal headache. This causes severe pain in one or half of the head and the eyes cannot tolerate harsh light. Sometimes vomiting is accompanied by a headache. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes it occurs in the entire head but less in half of the head. Migraine is a severe pain that makes the patient unable to work. Migraine headaches are also a type of pain.
Migraines are caused by dilation of blood vessels and the mixing of chemicals from the nerves in these arteries.

At the same time, some chemicals expand the vein. It causes nervousness, upset stomach and nausea. It also slows down the digestion of food and can increase sensitivity to light and sound. Doctors recommend lifestyle changes for this migraine. Many people get this headache. Migraines are primarily related to nerves that can occur at any age. It is found in both children and adults. However, it has been found that the disease affects most women.

Medicine and treatment

There are many medications available, but not all of them benefit immediately, and the pain goes away on its own after 48 hours, but an American pharmaceutical company has announced the invention of such a pill. Eating it will eliminate the chemical CGRP released from the brain.

The name of the pill is (Nortec-ODT). It dissolves automatically when putting in the mouth. This allows the patient to get rid of the pain within an hour. For this, it is necessary for the patient to eat foods that strengthen the brain. Grind all four nuts and 25 grams almonds and 10 grams walnuts in it and use it with milk. But before that, You should must consult your doctor about the Migraine causes and treatment.

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