Kabaddi Matches In Siah Shrif

Kabaddi is considered a popular sport ,which are held on the occasion of the annual Urs of Baba Godri Badshah in Siah Shrif darbar Azad Kashmir.These kabaddi games are usually held in the summer, one of which is the kabaddi festival on June 6.People from all over Azad Kashmir come in large numbers to watch these matches so that they can be entertained.

Kabaddi in Siah Shrif Azad kashmir

Kabaddi is basically a fighting game played between two or more people. In which two or seven players take part simultaneously. This game is also played a lot in Azad Kashmir including Pakistan. The main purpose of the game is to promote culture and brotherhood. In this context, Kabaddi matches are held twice a year in the Siah Sharif Darbar.

This place is a holy place for people anyway because there are graves of peace loving people.Some people come here for the purpose of devotion while some people come here to see the Kabaddi Mela.The major cities near this area are Sarsawa, Panjera and Sehnsa which are a few kilometers away from this place.