Janat Mirza Success

Janat Mirza’s achievements became the first Pakistani Tik-taker with 10 Million followers

Janat Mirza success completed 10 million followers on TIK Tak account in a short time. Meanwhile, Janat Mirza became the first Pakistani star of most followers. No one else in Pakistan has won this award before. His popularity also includes the recently released music video which has been viewed many times so far.


Expressing happiness over his success, Janat Mirza wrote on Insta Story that one crore followers! Am I not dreaming about it? Janat Mirza added: I never thought I would reach this place with a passion.

Pakistani Tik Taker thanked the followers and said that wherever I am today, it is because of your support; I am nothing without your support. I thank you all for that. Which increased my popularity.

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