Donate to kashmir

Donate to Kashmir

Donate to kashmir Help Needy peoples

Kashmir is a paradise in the world because it is a naturally beautiful valley. There are natural lakes, waterfalls and lush mountains. There is no organized government here in Kashmir. Many people living in the Line of Control are affected by the unprovoked firing on LOC. These Such people suffer a considerable loss of life and property. There are many poor, helpless people in the rural villages of Kashmir who direly need help. If you donate to Kashmir, it can ease their financial difficulties.

How to help Kashmir:

It can help Kashmiris in different ways:

  • First, it is important for the Kashmiri people to raise their voice for their rights and freedom. Overseas Kashmiris can play an important role in this matter.
  • All human beings and organisations come together at one point to highlight this issue globally. Because the world can know this problem better.
  • Raising the fundamental rights and right to self-determination of Kashmiris at the international level.
  • To organize various peaceful gatherings and Seminars on the plight of Kashmiris.
  • Continue to bring this issue to the attention of the world on inhumane grounds.

Donation For Kashmir

If you want to donate for Kashmir. You can get our services. We will deliver your help on time as per your instructions to deliver your donations, zakat, Saddqa and charity to the poor people. You can feel free to contact us via the email form below:

What is happening in Kashmir?

Kashmir is a mostly mountainous region and these people have very few employment opportunities. There are villages in Kashmir where no aid has reached There are people living below the poverty line who need to be encouraged. The Covid-19 has affected such villages and increased the hardships of the people.
Donate to Kashmir, such poor people can get financial help. The Coronavirus epidemic has affected many people here. Who worked there faced many difficulties because of the lack of job opportunities.

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