Can fish get thirsty? The concept of thirst that we have found inside humans. We do not find it in every living thing. However, water is essential for every living thing. In the body of a fish, it is a matter of the environment inside and outside. The indoor environment of fish living in freshwater and contains more salts than water outside the body fluid. This condition is called hypertonicity. Therefore, to eliminate this difference in concentration water from the fish’s skin is automatically absorbed into the body.

This leads to excess water in the body however To reduce this, fish excrete diluted urine in the water. In contrast, the indoor environment of sea fish is less salty than the outdoor environment. It’s called a hypothetical. It is called the hypotonic environment because if one system is less concentrated than the others in such a situation there are more chances that the water inside the fish starts to fuse outside. In this context, fish drink water while living underwater And salt glands are also found in fish. Their job is to manage the ions by eliminating excess salt in the water.
Fish get the thirsty joke

Can fish get thirsty?

The answer is still no; because fish need the environment to survive, fish need to use water as their life. After this comparison, your question is, does a fish need to be thirsty, so instead of joking that it has a description? Fish need such an environment more than thirst.

The scientific study of fish has important features۔ They are more interested because they have a deep connection with the environment and man has a natural interest in raising them. Fish are very important for human life because their meat is useful for human life. They need fresh water and food so they can grow well.

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