Amazing story the young

A young man’s lost phone was found with a monkey’s selfies

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian resident has claimed that the man’s lost smartphone was found a day later, but it also contains monkey selfies and videos. Zakir, a student living near a monkey-covered vegetable garden in Malaysia, He told his amazing story said that he was asleep one day when the phone disappeared from his pillow.

A day later, the phone was found in a dense green garden at the back of the house. However, it has been revealed that it also contains selfies and videos of a monkey. A short video shows a monkey opening its mouth and trying to eat a smartphone.
But on the other side of the amazing story, it could not be proved how the phone finally disappeared.

The photos have not been finalized yet. However, Zakir, said the phone was missing when he woke up in the morning. Which was later found in a green garden one day? When the smartphone was checked, Its found pictures and videos of the monkey in it. Summarizing the story on Twitter, a young man named Zakir said that such incidents happen only once in a century.

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